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Problems that your teeth always get

According to research it has been figured out that nearly 75 % of adults who are above 60 years of age do not have all the permanent teeth. The majority of the elderly people struggle with severe gum disease and this causes tooth loss. If we do not take care of our dental health, the list of dental troubles is endless. Why is it that when we grow old we need to adhere to appropriate dental care and how does it influence our overall health? Come let's figure out.


As we grow old we tend to develop a lot of disorders. One such is the Alzheimer's disease. This is a chronic brain disorder wherein the sufferer tends to forget things. The patient will forget to eat, drink and doing his/her regular chores such as brushing their teeth. Now because of this habit they develop dental cavities and get affected by gingivitis, periodontal disease, and even tooth loss. It becomes important for their caretakers to ensure that the sufferer brushes regularly without a miss.

Caretakers need to know that when the density of bone in the mouth reduces it will make the teeth loose and will end up in missing teeth. It has also been found that women who suffer Osteoporosis are thrice more prone to tooth loss than those who don't suffer from Osteoporosis. Generally, patients are given some sort of medications to treat this condition however it makes the matter worse when considering dental health.


The caretakers of senior citizens need to understand every dental problem so that they provide them effective dental care. So come let us understand various dental conditions.

1. Gum disease: This is one of the most common and a very serious dental condition. The gum tissues which surround the teeth get infected as a result of the dental plaque. Once affected by Periodontitis the patient will start losing their teeth. The condition is serious for senior citizens because it leads to plaque buildup on gums and teeth.

2. Tooth Decay: This is one such condition which can influence senior citizens. As a caretaker of the senior citizen, you need to ensure that they brush their teeth regularly so that there is no plaque buildup.


3. Tooth Sensitivity: Ensure that seniors do not brush their tooth too vigorously with a hard bristle toothbrush. This causes gums to enamel or recede to worn out and causes sensitive tooth.

Caretakers who are looking after patients who suffer from Alzheimer need to make sure that they drink water on regular basis. Dry Mouth leads to tooth decay and eventually missing teeth.

All of us are prone to dental problems and it is downright important for us to take care of them. Make sure you visit your dentist regularly. Brushing twice a day followed by flossing and mouthwash is the basic and the first step towards healthy gums and teeth. Make sure you take healthy diet and do not drink alcohol. When we look forward to living a healthy lifestyle, dental care is very essential.

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